I am a husband and father of 5 beautiful little girls. They are my joy and my passion in life. I am also a professional singer and a self-taught chef. I love to sing and I love to cook and I love to enjoy delicious beers. But more than that I love to inspire and encourage others to cook and to sing and to enjoy all the small moments in life. Like enjoying a good hot dog. And not just any hot dog, a skin-on wiener.

If you were to ask my family what my favorite food would be they would emphatically shout, “Hot Dogs”. And hold the ketchup. Please. No offense to those of you who love ketchup. I hold no ill will towards ketchup. But, when it comes to MY hot dogs, ketchup has no place in the same universe. That’s just how I roll. You see, I developed this love for hot dogs from my dad and from a lifetime of trips to the MN State Fair where I can enjoy delicious footlong hot dogs. And boy do I enjoy the footlongs. Last year I consumed 8 footlongs in a single day. I just love ‘em that much.

My hope is that you will love Natedogs that much. Enough to enjoy 8 or more in a single day. I can’t wait to share with you my passion for hot dogs and I can’t wait to make a bunch of new friends. See you soon!